Available the new line of Triple Concentration Aromas made by Azhad. The Crystal by Azhad line was created with the intention of creating a product such as Organic Tobacco dedicated to the Pod Mods. In fact, the new Azhad Elixirs Crystal line combines the classic taste of Azhad Organic Liquids with the characteristic of not leaving residues on the resistances by lengthening the life of your Coils.

Crystal Persian

Same taste, amazing cleanliness

The Persian Apricot presents itself on its own, in its time it overwhelmed the Italian and foreign market and conquered thousands of vapers, with a success that was not ephemeral: today it is considered a reference point among the vaping liquids. Persian tobaccos with spicy notes with a good peppery and dry hit in the throat, and apricot, the fruit of Roman kings and generals, picked from the branch before its complete ripeness: "the only thing better than this is to eat an apricot in Damascus" they said the caravans, and we subscribe.


20 ml triple concentration flavour in PG content in chubby bottle 60ml - DO NOT USE AS IS
Undesirable use for non-smokers.
Before use, read the instructions of label.
It is not a food. Do not swallow.
Sales prohibited to anyone under 18 years
Keep out of reach of children.
In case of contact with eyes and skin wash with plenty of soap and water. If you feel unwell consult a doctor and show the label.
Keep locked up.
Do not release to the environment.



Data sheet

Aroma a tripla concentrazione in PG
senza nicotina
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