Senor Azhad 20 ml

The quintessence of rum is extracted from Senor Azhad, its sweet and warm notes are accompanied by an organic American virginia that is blaring of its sour sweetness, and by a cavendish prepared with organic Canadian virginia that completes the trio with its deep roundness. It is said that the rum should be sipped together with bitter chocolate, only those who have not yet tasted this product say so.


An entire line of Azhad's products prepared with the best tobaccos, extracted for cold months, mixed with some of the best and most famous spirits in the world, from which in the cold all the aroma and taste are extracted, while alcohol is completely deleted.


20 ml triple concentration flavour in PG content in chubby bottle 60ml - DO NOT USE AS IS
Aromi tripla conc. Bacco

Data sheet

Aroma a tripla concentrazione in PG
senza nicotina
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€ 18

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