Amaretto 40 ml

Starting from the prestigious bitter, with a long triple cold distillation process, its unmistakable flavor mixed with Canadian organic Virginia and a pinch of Cavendish prepared with the same tobacco is extracted, a tobacco is obtained in which the almond is at the same voice and chorus time, in which the flavors of tobacco and amaretto chase each other in the mouth and nose, playing with your senses.


An entire line of Azhad's products prepared with the best tobaccos, extracted for cold months, mixed with some of the best and most famous spirits in the world, from which in the cold all the aroma and taste are extracted, while alcohol is completely deleted


Flaconi da 40 ml - do not use as it is

PL0003321              AMARETTO

Mix 40 ml bacco

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Mix 40 ml Bacco e Tabacco
senza nicotina
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