Scottish 10 ML

Take an English mixture, remove latakia and add ardbeg's rich peaty taste, ignore the eastern classic and put the yenidje, at trhis point combine it with three excellent organic virginia, and you will get a result that upsets the senses, in which to each blow goes from a superb english blend to one of the best peaty whiskeys in the world. this is the best flavor l've done, word of Azhad.



Product that contains nicotine, a substance that is highly addictive.
Undesirable use for non-smokers.
Before use, read the instructions of label.
It is not a food. Do not swallow.
Sales prohibited to anyone under 18 years
Keep out of reach of children.
In case of contact with eyes and skin wash with plenty of soap and water. If you feel unwell consult a doctor and show the label.
Keep locked up.
Do not release to the environment.
Bacco & Tabacco

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Liquido pronto
con nicotina