Coil Azhad Hyperion / Bacco&Tabacco 2MM

ATTENZIONE: la confezione contiene 2 coil.

COMPATIBILITY: Available in two versions, the 2mm tip variant is more suitablefor BF systems and small tanks (KLP, Gus etc). The 2.5 point tip variant is dedicated to tanksufficiently larg

Dichiarazione di conformità  HYPERION & BACCO nano alien 2mm .docx

Manuale  HYPERION & BACCO nano alien 2 mm.docx

Φ: 2 mm

Ω: 0,73-75 ohm single coil

WATT RANGE: 16-18 Watts

DRYBURN: 8-10 ml

DURATA: 80-150 ml

AROMATIC YIELD: Enhances the top notes, and heart like the alcoholic notes. Strengthens the mixtures, especially of blond tobaccos.