I'm a Private and I do not have an activity! Can I see the prices and purchase on-line?

We do not make sales to the public and so we can not provide you with access to our catalog. This area and reserved for those who sell our products, or fitted with a VAT have possibilita'di make large purchases.

There is a catalog with all your products without prices. Why?

We are a wholesale company specializing in the sale of liquid and flavorings for electronic cigarettes in shops and Deposits Tax. Our structure and organized to manage medium and large volumes of goods, suitable for customers who have an activity which is our products. The Catalogue is shown because it can 'be useful to people who do not yet being our customers, can evaluate our assortment and therefore our products.

Can you deliver the goods?

We are an Italian excellence and we organize national and international shipments. For details and costs can display dedicated to the "Shipping" page.

I asked several times to be able to receive the userid and password to access your private catalog, so you can see the prices. Although I can not be your customer, why do not you allow me access?

The access is reserved only to customers that we verified the identity and making proper use of the information that we are given. Improper use of the catalog, or a deceptive access by unknown or not properly identified persons, could create problems to the Company.

What allows you to do the Reserved Area to customers?

It provides access to typical functions of an e-commerce: create a new order, view and order items also accompanied by photography, see the prices and stocks. It allows you to modify their ordered items and quantities and replace them if missing and check the tracking.

I do not live near your home. How do I get in touch with you?

You can use the Contact Form and the sooner will receive news from our company, or you can contact us by phone during office hours at 06 726 73 351.

I am interested in your products and have the potential to become your customer. It's possible to receive a paper catalog photo or a quote?

Only after the registration to the site and subsequent establishment of the identity we could send the paper catalog or provide any cost estimates.